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1. The early years sports fund has the right to decline an application of funding for a class for any reason at their sole discretion and does not need to provide a reason as to why this decision has been made. 


2. If your application is successful, we will cover the cost for one sports class for your setting. Your setting will not receive the funds directly.


3. If accepted your setting will be entitled to one class only (Classes are 45 minutes long) with the cost being covered by the fund/Super Star Sport. Of course, if your setting would like regular classes, you can arrange this at a later date but you are not obligated to arrange regular classes.


4. While the class is running, at least one member of your staff need to be present at all times.


5. If your settings application is successful a representative will be in contact and arrange for the delivery of the free class at a day and time that suits your setting. If you need to re-arrange the class you must make us aware at least 24 hours before your scheduled class. If 24 hours notice isn't provided and the coach arrives at your setting without us being made aware that you needed to reschedule you may be charged. 


6. By applying to receive your allocation of funds, you also agree for the early years sports fund to pass on your contact details inputted to Super Star Sport who will then contact you to organise your class. 

7. If we are unable to fulfil your class for any reason, we will give you as much notice as possible and an opportunity to re-arrange at your convenience.


8. In the event that your setting is currently outside of our operating area, we will add your details to our waiting list and will continue your application when we are available to reach your setting.

Terms & Conditions

£1 Million

Early years sports fund

Applications are OPEN for the 23/24 academic year

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