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Our why at Super Star Sport and the reason we created the early years sports fund is to ensure every child who attends an early years setting across England has the opportunity to participate in sport and activity classes. We understand that following the Covid-19 pandemic, early years settings have been hit hard financially.


Not only this, but the children and families who use early years settings have also had many challenges to overcome. Our mission is to provide the financial backing which will ensure each early years setting has the opportunity to have a fully funded class without the worry of working out how they will personally fund the class.


After being accepted by the early years sports fund the setting will then be able to provide their children with the experience of fun and engaging sports and activity class that hits many elements of the early years guidelines and will support with development physically, emotionally and socially.


Our founders are passionate and motivated in achieving the goal of impacting as many lives as possible in a positive way.


Contact us for more info or to speak with a representative.

About Us

£1 Million

Early years sports fund

Applications are OPEN for the 23/24 academic year

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