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£1 Million

Early years sports fund

Applications are OPEN for the 23/24 academic year

To apply for your allocation of the funding please fill in the below:

The £1 million early years sports fund has been created by Super Star Sport UK to provide funding enough to ensure every single child who attends an early years setting, in England, has the opportunity to take part in a sports and activity session within their childcare setting. Following the inactivity children may have experienced through multiple national lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic our aim and absolute passion is to involve as many children in sport as possible. With this vision the £1 million early years sports fund was born.

You apply using our online form to which if successful you will receive a fully funded sports and activity lesson at your setting. The early years sports fund (EYSF) will commit to ensuring 100% of the costs involved are covered which will ensure the children at your setting receive a 45 minute sports and activity lesson at no expense to you, your setting or the children's guardians, fully funded by the EYSF.

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